3d modelling

TG Design specializes in jewellery 3d modelling and rendering both for direct consumers and for companies. With years of experience within the field of jewellery, we have helped customers design their ideas, solve mechanical problems or render products for different marketing purposes.  If you need help with any kind of project, big or small, difficult or easy, do not hesitate to ask more information.

Mirage render

Stone setting

Do you need help with stone setting? Since 2010, we have been setting stones in different metals and pieces of jewelry. We use many different techniques, depending on the desired result e.g. pavé or channel setting. Contact for more information and pricing.

Jewelry Photography

A successful picture awakens interest in the viewer and can have a positive outcome on the products sales. If you need a picture taken of your piece of jewelry, for personal or commercial use, we will gladly help you out. All pictures on this website is taken by TG Design. Please contact for more information.