Torbjörn Grönlund

After graduating from a goldsmith school, I founded TG Design in December 2010 at Thomas Holmström’s workshop in Helsinki, Finland. My ambition has always been to create modern and stylish jewelry with high quality standards, and over the years I have been making exclusive jewelry for different customer needs. Alongside TG Design I have also had the opportunity to share my knowledge in stone setting and 3d design to the students in my former goldsmith school Axxell, Finland.

In the end of 2016 I moved together with my partner to Berlin, Germany. Here my spirit of enterprise and will to grow continues at Robert Niendorf’s workshop in Charlottenburg, mainly by producing jewelry to all over Europe. TG Design products can be found in this welcoming shop in Berlin or in Thomas Holmström’s shop in Helsinki.

For more information or personal service please contact me by email:


I usually find my inspiration from different events, experiences and my surroundings. While creating, I try to bring out something modern and new while still make use of old traditional solutions and techniques. The process often starts from a simple idea or concept, which end to shape into a graceful and delicate piece of jewelry that highlights a certain detail.



Customer service

If you are looking for a specific piece of jewelry or not really sure about all possibilities, then I can help . We can either meet up in person or discuss through email to make sure we reach your desired jewelry. It is important that you feel comfortable and get satisfactory and personal service. This is something I strive after in every customer relationship.



Precision and durability

Precision is a very important part of this job. To work under the microscope enables the best possible result and ensures that the most important details in the jewelry is brought out. Durability is also truly significant. I attain it by well made designs and thorough preparation, meticulous work and by using the best and most durable raw materials. This is how and why the products can be worn throughout generations, with little care.